Watershot iPhone 4S Housing

In between meetings for her documentary film, and dolphin scouts with the director, Leina Sato and I had the chance to work on a few ideas for the brand new Watershot iPhone 4 housing. More time would have been great, but we did really well with the few hours available.  The housing is very slick, and well thought out and the color really popped in the overcast Kona ocean.  I hope to have some images shot WITH the housing ready to post soon.


Watershot Video Lights

While the Bimini water wasn't as clear as I wanted for this project, it did pick up early morning light very very nicely inside the Sapona.  Watershot video lights shone brightly throughout the shoot, and I even used the 3000 lumen lights as a fill source.  Thanks to Grant Johnson for his breath holding abilities and his understanding of what light looks good where.  You can't beat that kind of experience underwater.


Ocean Trader - William


Bimini Seahorse


Bimini Wind

I was in Bimini last week working on a joint Watershot Inc / Leina Sato project.  It was thirteen months since the last trip to Bimini with Leina was essentially blown out by weather, and I felt confident that the end of June would surely provide good Bahamian summer weather that the previous May did not.  However, Tropical Storm Debby surprised everyone, and three of our five days on the island were once again affected. And when I say blow out, I mean consistent 25 knots out of the west, huge waves on Shell Beach, and trouble getting a boat around to the mangroves kind of blow out.  It was rougher than I have seen Bimini in a long time.

However, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait in the hotel room.  Our last two days in Bimini included some of the flatest water I have seen in a long time.  And while it wasn't enough to allow three days of rough water murk to drop out of the water column, it was an extremely welcome change. 

Thanks to Grant and Katie at Bimini Sands Hotel



New Website Edit

The portfolio section of my website is completely new.  I enjoy the process of working with a photo consultant, and Jasmine DeFoore was both great to work with and surprised me with her choices.  Below is a screen grab of the opening page, and two of my favorite dyptichs.  The entire portfolio can be found here.


Single Bubble


Nassau Freediving


40x60" Diver and Clouds

I recently completed a 40x60" print of this image for a client in the Washington DC area.  Dodge Chrome did a great job on a tight deadline, and the finished piece was incredible.  I am going to have to print one up for myself one of these days.


Nassau Model - Vanessa H.