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I don't know why somebody didn't tell me about all the fun a photographer can have with Instagram a long time ago! (Just kidding Jonathan!) Now that I have my iPhone underwater, you can follow me at

UPDATE:  Instagram is a better way to check out the work.


Watershot Catalogue

I just returned from the annual DEMA diving convention in Las Vegas.  (My skin definitely noticed the irony of holding a diving convention in the middle of the desert.)  It was nice to see samples of my work on display at the Watershot booth and in their catalogue.  Watershot is a great client that makes some truly amazing underwater gear.  Their catalogue featured both product photography and shots of their gear in use.  The reproductions looked great!



Hurricane Sandy - Nassau, Bahamas

As I post these images, New Jersey and the rest of the NorthEast USA is waking to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  While power and water outages and a six foot storm surge were forces we had to deal with, the pictures on the news make me realize how lucky we were here in Nassau.  I didn't shoot a whole lot in the aftermath of our storm, but instead was content to spend a few quiet days with the family.  My son loved the river that was our front yard.


Jet America 

In the past, I have had a few chances to shoot from the air.  Once I was positioned in a helicopter shooting a cargo plane above me, another time I was in a helicopter shooting a sport fishing boat below me.  Today I shot a jet from a propeller plane, and it was a completely new experience.  I knew enough to bring a climbing harness because I always think about how dumb most people would consider my last moments if I somehow managed to fall out of the plane.  And with the same thought in mind, I took the unusual step of attaching straps to my cameras and bringing enough bodies to elimiante all lens changes.  This after hearing the story of a colleage who lost his go-to lens in the opening seconds of a flight. 

Thankfully my shoot was uneventful, if hanging out of a removed door to shoot a Cessna Citation Ultra as it came in close can be considered uneventful.  My client was Jet America, a new charter company based in Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau, and serving everywhere within their 1500 mile flight radius.  The Citation was beautiful, and the waters and islands of the Exumas were a great backdrop.  The challenge was coordinating two planes and the location below to bring everything into one frame.  Each time the composition happened, I literally couldn't shoot fast enough, and found myself cursing my camera's buffer over the howl of the wind. In the end, the photos were great, and I only wish that we could have scheduled some flat calm water ... as usual.

Enroute to the location, we flew over some amazing locations, and I hope to someday find the budget to shoot some personal projects involving clear blue water and a helicopter.  The Exumas is an amazing place.


Melon-Headed Whales - Kona

Thanks to Brett and Deron for a great morning of freediving.  WHOA is the best way to see the South Kona coast and offshore waters.  And you know that you are diving with the right guys when a large pod oif black fins is spotted, and they are immediately identified as melon-headed whales, and not the much more common pilot whales that they look almost indentical to.


Kona Vacation


Flights and Baggage

This trip has taken me further from home, for more days and with more checked baggage than any trip in the past.