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Palmyra Atoll - Nature Conservancy Magazine

The project I shot for Nature Conservancy Magazine last fall is now either in the mail or downloading onto iPads everywhere.  Located above the equator in the Pacific Ocean, 4 hours south of Hawaii by jet, Palmyra Atoll was the closest I have been to the middle of nowhere, and the luckiest I have ever been to get the call to shoot.  This project touched on my experineces at the Shark Lab on Bimini, used a lot of breath hold to get the shot, and put me to work once again with Matt Jenkins - one of the funniest travel partners I know.  It was the best assignment I have had in a long time.

I had two weeks on location, and each day I felt like I was scrambling to record all of the amazing things on this atoll.  The researchers and staff that get to call Palmyra home for a period of time, are some of the most fortunate travellers in the world.

The article is up on the Nature Conservancy's website, and can also be downloaded through their app on iTunes.  (Not only is the app free, it is one of the best designed e-magazines out there.) 

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Amazing photographs. Nature in all its glory.captured in an simple, elegant and respectful way. Thanks for the beautiful mind vacation.
April 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJo Anna

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