Scuba Diving Magazine

The images I shot for Neptunic in Bimini way back in February, ended up as part of an article that talked about the testing procedure in the July 2014 issue of Scuba Diving Magazine.


Happy New Year


Thanksgiving - Almost West Virginia



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Washington Post Magazine

Proving that water can be a big part of your life at any age, I recently photographed the DC Masters syncronized swim team for a Washington Post Magazine feature.  The indoor pool was a pleasant surprise, with a big overhead window that lit us in soft light.  But more importantly, the athletes were a great group to work with, and suggested many of the poses.  I like the selected image, but there should be some good outtakes from this shoot. 


Discovery Shark Week 360

I was happy to get the call from my editor at Discovery Communications to shoot a web based interactive feature to coincide with this year's Shark Week celebrations.  In late June I spent a few days in Freeport, Bahamas working underwater and alongside a multi-national production crew.  The top-secret product was a mobile shark cage designed after a convertible Volkswagon Beetle.  The attention to detail was incredible, and the sight of it flying underwater, surrounded by reef sharks, was amazing.  My portion of the project went live last night.  Big thanks to everybody at Discovery who editted, assembled and perfected the many many images that went into each 360 degree panorama.  Check it out here.


Communication Arts 2013 Photo Annual


My photograph of Pete Zuccarini hovering over the bottom / filming hammerheads in the Bahamas was recently featured in the 2013 Communication Arts Photo Annual in the Unpublished Category. It was such an amazing feeling to know that one of my images had been selected, and the wait involved before finding out exactly which image almost killed me.  It is definitley an honour to be included in a publication that puts so much care into everything that surrounds the images, and in the print verison I am surrounded by some very nice chicken portraits. All of the amazing images can be seen on the CommArts website, and more images from the trip (some that include hammerheads) can be found here.


Palmyra Atoll - Nature Conservancy Magazine

The project I shot for Nature Conservancy Magazine last fall is now either in the mail or downloading onto iPads everywhere.  Located above the equator in the Pacific Ocean, 4 hours south of Hawaii by jet, Palmyra Atoll was the closest I have been to the middle of nowhere, and the luckiest I have ever been to get the call to shoot.  This project touched on my experineces at the Shark Lab on Bimini, used a lot of breath hold to get the shot, and put me to work once again with Matt Jenkins - one of the funniest travel partners I know.  It was the best assignment I have had in a long time.

I had two weeks on location, and each day I felt like I was scrambling to record all of the amazing things on this atoll.  The researchers and staff that get to call Palmyra home for a period of time, are some of the most fortunate travellers in the world.

The article is up on the Nature Conservancy's website, and can also be downloaded through their app on iTunes.  (Not only is the app free, it is one of the best designed e-magazines out there.) 


North Swell, Nassau


Great Hammerheads

I spent the end of last week in Bimini shooting Great Hammerhead Sharks with Katie and Grant at Bimini Sands Hotel.  Pete Zuccarini and Peter Manno joined me with the Alexa housing.  On paper it looked like we had chosen the perfect weather window but that NOAA forecast never really seemed to arrive.  On the big day, we had pouring rain and dark overcast skies.  However, we did have sharks!  Three big hammerheads spent three hours behind our boat.  Grant and Katie did an over the top job of both securing bait, and presenting it to the sharks.  In fact, I am a guy who has seen plenty of baiting in my day, and Grant's attention to a fish carcas is noteworthy.  (If only there was SOME way to make a witty joke about a person's mastery of baiting.)  Of course, I would have traded quite a bit for sunny skies and flat seas, but in hind sight, I really like the rain marked surface, and the Watershot lights make for some dramatic images.